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Colorado's first double agouti perlino TWHBEA stallion. True Blue is pictured above wit Sam in 2013, he always watchs out for "his people".
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Arrow's True Blue (TWHBEA 20314692/Perlino) was born, as a fall foal in 2003, in Colorado's San Luis Valley. The blue eyed colt was instantly revered- a product of the beloved stallion, Blue Gold, and the blue-eyed mare Blanca Traveler.

perlino twhbea stallion double- agouti

His dam, Blanca Traveler, arrived in Alamosa, Colorado in 1996. She came in from Wyoming. Delene, owner of the stallion Blue Gold, had talked to various breeders and horse owners out west and was notified of this mare. All along, her intention was to breed her to "Blue".

Delene had been studying dutifully in color genetics books. She was becoming more aware of the vigor and stamina that horses bred in western climates possessed- and also needed to weather the cold San Luis Valley winters. Alamosa frequently makes the news for cold spot in the nation. 7,500 ft elevation and forty below, with a wind chill on top of that, is nothing to scoff at.

Blanca became a nice addition to the herd. Delene even took her to work with her when she worked for the Bureau of Land Mangement. They hit the trails all over Southern Colorado.

Although Blanca became a revered member of the Lazy Y Arrow Tennessee Walking Horse herd, the uniqueness of her lineage is still being revealed to this day. Blanca is sired by Tate's Traveler, who was born and bred in Montana. His sire is Montana Traveler. Montana Traveler's pedigree has several horses known to the Arrow's Walkers family for quite some time- his granddam on top is Miller's Medora, a full sister to Dakotas Medora, the dam of both of the herd's foundation mares- Fashion and Star.

Montana Traveler's sire, Ebony's Dakota Black, was sired by Ebony's Reflection M., the stallion Calvin (of the Double Diamond Ranch) brought in to cross on his mares. Ebony's Reflection M. was also the sire of Fashion and Star. On bottom, through Miller's Gold Bond, Montana Traveler has Sun's Merry Man. Anyone who knows anything about western Tennessee Walkers or Calvin Miller knows this horse.

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Collene Walsh (daughter of Delene) remembers these bloodlines... One of the first TWHs I ever met was a direct son of Sun's Merry Man. Sun's Dakota Parader, TWHBEA registered, was owned and ridden by Laurel Lee Whiting. She picked him out from Calvin's herd and competed on the competitive trail riding circuit with him. I met him as a young girl on one of our visits down to Laurel's Wild Goose Chase Ranch in the southern San Luis Valley. I was completely in awe of Parader- he was a strawbery roan and I believed he was the most majestic being I had ever seen!! He was a tall gelding- probably 16hh at least...

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Sun's Merry Man is also very well known as the only son of Reyclif Mid-Merry to reproduce. Reproduce he did- putting 174 TWHBEA foals in the books. Reyclif Mid-Merry was a young untamed stallion (as the story goes) before he was loaded up and taken from North Dakota to Tennessee, where Steve Hill gelded him and groomed him into "the winningest" show horse in breed history. He brought home a record 14 World Championships from the Celebration. His last known owner of record was the Texas politician, Ross Perot, Sr.. Ross Perot, Jr. showed Hill's Perfection as a young man.

Speaking of horses owned by notable individuals, how about Roy Roger's horse Trigger, Jr.... registered with the TWHBEA as Allen's Gold Zephyr. True Blue's dam, Blanca, traces to him through both Flash's Dixie and Flash's Golden Lady (bred by Calvin Miller and through Montana Traveler/Zephyr's Flash O' Gold line).

On the bottom of Blanca's pedigree, through Uptown Miss, she has a horse named Spiller's Gold Dust, TWHBEA 451748, who made his way into the western TWH books. Although not born out west (but in Tennessee) Spiller's Gold Dust was a resident of Idaho, British Columbia, and perhaps other parts of Canada? (I am still gathering information of this horse). According to a letter sent in by Grace Larsen and published in the 2007 Walking Horse Journal, Abe Blakenship owned Spiller's Gold Dust when he lived near Moscow, Idaho. He use SGD to work cattle in the rough Snake River breaks. Spiller's Gold Dust was also palomino, and therefor contributed a dilution gene to the bottom side of True Blue's dam's pedigree.

True Blue's sire, Blue Gold, has some of the same "western notables" in his pedigree (Sun's Merry Man, Zephyr's Flash O' Gold) in addition to WGC's from the celebration in the days before our breed was shown "on stacks". More information on Blue is available on the past herdsires page.

Delene bought Blanca with the intention of breeding her to Blue- and that she did. The first foal she had for the Lazy Y Arrow Ranch was Arrows Blue Sky Traveler, renamed Captain's Creme Color. Captain's Creme Color has traveled the country- he was born in Southern Colorado and then moved to Kansas where he was under the care of Elsie Darrah at Last Chance Farm. After having made stops at a couple other places, he now resides in Indiana at Rise and Shine Walkers. Traveler's offspring have made their way across the country and around the world. His daughters are being used as broodmares by well-known breeders such as Jim Holmes of Holmes Farm Walkers. Blanca's second foal, Arrow's Blue Sky, is owned by well known TWH breeder and color genetics expert, Elsie Darrah. Elsie has sold a number of Sky's foals to various parts of the country, with one of her stud colts going to Georgia and being used for breeding.

Arrow's True Blue's pedigree combines some of the winningest show horses in the breed (before pads) with notable western lines who have proven to show vigor, stamina, and versatility in such disciplines as competive trail riding, high mountain outfitting, and ranch work. A rare combination for sure.

field trial buckskin
--True Blue's son Arrow's Dusty (Hollywood) made a stop by to see us this summer on the way from Missouri to a field trial in Wyoming, Fred Smith up. Fred is a field trial judge. He and his wife, Jennifer currently have all Arrow's Walkers horses in their trial string!--

The history books speak of Hill's Pefection (registered as Reyclif Mid Merry) as having a big heart and kind disposition. Arrow's True Blue traces to him three times, through Sun's Merry Man. Yes, this guy covers the ground. He has a stout and strong conformation, and the vigor that comes with wintering those cold San Luis Valley winters, where he was born. His owners say that personality is the quality that is hardest to match and beat, though. He is "true blue" and the kind of friend anyone would like to have until the end...
perlino twhbea perlino double agouti blue gold
back in 2005

Arrow's True Blue- perlino double agouti

True Blue True Blue loves to come over and say "hi"- no matter what part of the 600 acre pasture we are in. Although sometimes there is a treat involoved, all this stallion really needs is a kind word and a few scratches to be in your pocket. He is calm and friendly in the midst of his mare band. When new foals are born, he is gentle and protective of both the foals and the dams. A true gentleman, no doubt.

Collene says she knew there was something special about this stallion- aside from his unique lineage and propensity to throw gold- his disposition, his heart. She knew when as a yearling, one of his herdmates was badly injured... True Blue stayed by her side day and night and even "kissed" her wound in order to help her heal. He is "true blue" that is for sure. The most valuable attributes of this stallion cannot be seen with the naked eye- however, they are realized in the hearts of those that know him best. True Blue's foals are fun and easy to train- and all exhibit a forward moving, ground covering gait.

palomino Trigger descendant

Trigger descendent palomino twh

palomino trick horse training


buckskin twhbea stallionApril 2014 foal by Arrow's True Blue, out of SC Jubal Spring Zephyr
*On the Market*

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TWHBEA registered palomino stallion

palomino twhbea stallion

palomino twhbea stallion

Solid Gold is currently with a band of mares. He produces tall, athletic-type foals. He resembles his sire, Blue Gold.


Arrow's Campground Gold, by Arrow's Solid Gold
turns 3 in 2014- *On the Market*