Past Breeding Stallions
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The first stallion that we ever bred a mare to was Mr. Tammer. We bred our first TWH mare ever (Ebony's Dakota Fashion) to him. Fashion was born in North Dakota on Calvin and Maxine Miller's 24, 000 acre Double Diamond ranch. She was brought to Colorado by a couple who loved to spend their time "in the hills"- The Whitings. The Whitings packed Fashion into the 14,000 foot mountain ranges of the San Luis Valley before she came to be our horse.

Mr Tammer

Fashion was bred to Mr. Tammer- National Versatility Champion, twice. She birthed two fillies- a bay in 1990 (later reknowned horse trainer and author, Lee Ziegler's personal horse- and a chestnut, Flame, in 1992. Flame stayed in our herd and her daughter, Flaming Gold is produced a beautiful 2013 chestnut filly that we will retain as a broodmare prospect.

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Blue Gold- our foundation stallion as a 3 year old

BLUE GOLD, one of the first double-dilute stallions
by Collene Walsh

Blue Gold spent most of his life in south central Colorado's San Luis Valley. He was born in La Jara, Colorado on April 4, 1990. As a yearling, Blue Gold was advertised for sale by his breeder, Karen, in the Tennessee Walking Horse Association of Colorado's newsletter. There were no immediate takers. Let me say that he was advertised at much less of a price than todays double dilutes! However, cremellos and perlinos were even more so diamonds in the rough back then than they are today. Two other San Luis Valley residents were checking out this stud colt as a stallion prospect. Laurel Whiting and Delene Walsh went to see the yearling at Karen's place. After liking what they saw in terms of disposition, gait, conformation, and color, the two thought over the deal to make sure they were ready for the venture. However, when they called, Karen had sold him the week before! After some tracking down, Blue Gold came to Arrow's Walkers in 1991 due to a partnership between two good friends, Laurel and Delene. Laurel's wealth of knowledge regarding color genetics, pedigree, and the breed in general shed light on the possibilities of this cremello Tennessee Walking Horse as a breeding stallion. The fact that his papers showed WGC Midnight Sun 3 times,WC Reyclif Mid-Merry (by WGC Midnight Sun and shown as Hill's Perfection), Calvin Miller’s Sun’s Merry Man, Zephyr's Flash O Gold (son of Allen's Gold Zephyr aka Roy Roger's Trigger, Jr.), WGC Merry Go Boy, WGC Sun's Delight D., and Sun's Hero (full bother to WGC Sun's Delight D.) influenced the decision to purchase him. Blue Gold spent most of his time at the Lazy Y Arrow Ranch in Alamosa. He did spend some time with professional horse trainers Rob and Lila McCartney in the Pike's Peak area. Blue had a respectable showing in the ring as a three year old. He drew attention as the only cremello TWH shown in Colorado that year. Blue then left his show career to stand at stud. Laurel actively promoted him around the country. In addition to producing many offspring for our ranch, he produced for area TWH breeders. Blue Gold’s descendents are in Colorado and all over the country. Two of his daughters are owned by Kansas breeder Elsie Darrah, Arrows Blue Sky and Arrows Star of Gold. Elsie now has her herd, including these mares, in Texas. A son, Golden Gambler, is in Virginia. Gambler's offspring have made their way around the world in their own right. Last we heard, his son, Arrows Blue Gold was in KY. His son, Captain's Creme Color (previously Arrows Blue Sky Traveler), made his way through MS and now resides at Rise and Shine farms in Indiana. He has a daughter and a granddaughter who have traveled to MT, Arrow's Colorado Gold and Arrow's Prairie Moon. His 2004 grandson, Arrow's Ready to Shine has made his way to NC. A grandson, Arrow's Dakota Dude has traveled from Alabama to Tennesee. Also, we have reports of a son of "Traveler" in Thailand and know that a granddaughter (out of Arrow's Colorado Gold) has set foot in the Dominican Republic. Blue was only offered to the public by Delene and Laurel- all of his mares were covered in Colorado's San Luis Valley. If you own a horse with Blue Gold on the papers, we would love to hear from you! We cherish the Blue Gold lines as we see Blue in all of his descendents.

Laurel, instrumental in seeing and bringing out the value in this young stud... and also other "western walkers" and "western bloodlines" passed away before being able to see all of Blue's descendents- many golden buckskins and palominos as she predicted based on research and her color genetics books. Blue Gold has also passed on. We always think of Laurel riding Blue in heaven. We appreciate all of the joy that Blue brought to us over the years. His gentle disposition was expressed to adults and children alike. Blue spent over 10 years at Lazy Y Arrow Ranch. He will be forever remembered as a kind hearted stallion. We are eternally grateful to Laurel. Her hard work and appreciation for Blue Gold and the natural/western Tennessee Walking Horse helped to lay a strong foundation for our breeding program. May they enjoy their time together!

Updated October 27, 2013

Please, please, please send over pictures of your horses with Blue on the pedigree!! We love to see them and hear what they are up to!

We are currently standing two Blue Gold sons, Arrow's Solid Gold and Arrow's True Blue, a double-agouti perlino.

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This stallion was hand picked by Delene from Slush Creek Walkers. As a gelding, we now use him to introduce beginners to the breed and to help riders in our local therapeutic program. We are pleased with the horses we have retained of this lineage- which includes Freddy's notable western ancestors Slush Creeks Jubal S (the last stallion to come off the Double Diamond Ranch) and Zephyr Zephyr (a versatility champion). Please inquire for information and/or pictures.

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We chose this stallion to cross on our Blue Gold lines. Wizard Jack was shipped out not too long before the Tennessee Walking Horse Heritage Society was formed and his breeder, Billy Taylor, became a founding member. We are pleased with the way Blue crossed with our stock. Wizard is now being used as a gelding in Montana. However, we have retained a number of his offspring in our herd. Please inquire for more information and/or photos.

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We leased Flash as an adult horse. After use, he was returned to the couple that purchased him from us, as a young horse, to stand at stud in Colorado's San Luis Valley. Please inquire for more information and/or photos.
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Arrow's Dakota Gold was born in Colorado's San Luis Valley. His dam, Dakota Evening Star, was directly off of Calvin Miller's 24,000 acre Double Diamond Ranch in Rhame, ND.
Please inquire for more information and/or photos.
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Sparky was gelded and is now a regular on the Field Trial circuit. He is ridden by the judge, Fred Smith. Although Fred's wife, Jennifer, is largely responsible for the compliments he gets on his manners and training. She is a very talented natural horsemanship trainer. We have retained Sparky's offspring for our future breeding stock. Please inquire for more information and/or photos.
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