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Color Genetics

Our introduction to horse color genetics started during the process of acquiring Blue Gold (back in about 1991 or so). Blue eyed horses were not even allowed registration in many breed registries! Ask us about our old neighbor Hank Weiscamp (Skipper W) and his hidden band of blue-eyed mares! Although Delene began specifically studying horse genetics at this time with her business partner and friend, Laurel, she was already versed in genetics- being a science major in college.

Blue Gold

Laurel and Delene began their venture into the world of blue eyed horses, creme genes, and producing gold- before long, many friends came into the picture as well.

One of those friends was Elsie Darrah, who came to Arrow's Walkers to purchase stock. Elsie will always be remembered by us and we have a small tribute to her started on our website. Those who knew Elsie know that her passion for this breed and correctness when it comes to color identification cannot be put into words.

Many years and many, many conversations on topics ranging from stallions of color at stud, truthful identification of color, and what certain matings will produce have gone by the wayside... when Delene and Laurel started breeding Blue to outside mares, there was no test for "agouti"...

Blue, of course, produced palominos, buckskins, cremellos, perlinos, and smoky cremes over the years. It is now known that his genetic make-up was ee, Aa, and CrCr- and if this all sounds like a foreign tongue to you, don't feel bad, we were all there once!

Our emphasis at this time is on producing horses that carry the creme and agouti genes. While we did experiment with spotted horses at one time, we chose to stick with our "western" bloodlines- and create buckskins, palominos, cremellos, and perlinos. We do have some sabino in our herd, too- which can be fun and give us some "chrome" once in awhile!

Nearly all of the stock produced on our ranch at this time goes back to a famous TWH of color, owned by one very famous cowboy- Roy Rogers! We see what attracted Roy to these golden gaited walkers- without a doubt. We love our Allen's Gold Zephyr (Trigger, Jr) descendents- those who own and love them know that they are not only golden on the outside, but on the inside, too.

Delene has coached her family and they now speak "color lingo"- although no member of the family is as fluent as she is yet. Both Delene and Collene will talk color with you any day. For a great resource we recommend the University of California- Davis. Collene is also a graduate of the University of California system, so she insists that all of our testing go through the Davis Veterinary Genetics Lab.



While a great horse does not have to come in a certain color, we certainly believe that a certain color can be put onto a great horse!

After all, Blue Gold, carried one of the greatest of all in his bloodline- 7 times he traced to Midnight Sun! While Blue was born back in the days when color genetics knowledge was more limited- there is no doubt that this cremello came from a very, very long line of great horses!


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