We want to keep the blood of our foundation stock (Star, Fashion, and Blue) flowing. These bloodlines contain many WGC's and the famous 14 x WC Hill's Perfection (horses who won before pads became so pervasive in the breed) as well as western notables such as Sun's Merry Man and Zephyr's Flash of Gold. While we feel we were extremely blessed to start off with such quality stock, we strive to improve with each new foal that hits the ground.

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Delene has a background in the sciences (biology and chemistry). Her study of equine genetics began back around the time she and Laurel purchased Blue Gold.

"To make the best better" is what she strives for. Building on the successes of the Double Diamond Ranch breeding program (carried on through Slush Creek Walkers of Montana and others..) and the successful combination of western and old show bloodlines found in Blue Gold, she has selected and retained breeding stock based on gait, disposition, vigor, and conformation.

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