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"Our eyes tell us what a horse appears to be...
His pedigree tells us what he ought to be...
But his offspring tell us what he is!"

-Elsie Darrah of Last Chance Farm, Mar 9, 1941- Feb 14, 2015

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We have 2022 foals on the ground!

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We believe in "making the best better". We select for the traits of:
Gait, Conformation, Disposition, and Vigor

As breeders, we also consider the bloodline of a horse- and especially cherish our "western bloodlines" that show generation upon generation of TWHs raised out west. Our western bloodlines trace back to stock from the 24,000 acre Double-Diamond Ranch (where Calvin Miller built his program with horses like Hill's Perfection & Allen's Gold Zephyr).

We raise and keep our horses in a natural environment. Our foals are typically born in the pasture and often times travel miles with the herd in their first day of life. We feel this helps create strength, balance, and vigor that last a lifetime. Below is 2014 buckskin filly - Arrow's Gold Perfection (now owned by Nicole in Texas) on the morning she was born.


We begin working with our foals in this environment, too. We work to build relationships based on trust and willingness. The photos below were taken in our "Big Pasture" (640 acres).

*photo by New Beginnings Photography, colt now in Oklahoma with Emily


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We believe in the versatility of the Tennessee Walking Horse. Our former stallion SC Ready Freddy is used in our local therapeutic riding program and also to herd cows. His sister, Jubals Bright Angel has also helped those in need- in addition to producing foals. Both are sired by the late Slush Creeks Jubal S.

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An excellent trainer, Jennifer Smith has worked to bring out the potential of horses from our breeding program:

Arrow's Saltwater Taffy Competes on the NATRC Circuit...

Arrow's Saltwater Taffy shows off her National American Trail Ride Conference ribbons! Thanks to Lisa Hall Scott for sending over the photo.

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Arrow's Sparky Tones and Arrow's Dusty aka "Hollywood" are two buckskins that draw attention when they are out with their riders, Fred and Jennifer Smith.


"Sparky" is Fred's mount when he travels the country as a Field Trial Judge. "Hollywood" is younger and is learning the ropes. Sparky "goes all day". Most judges switch out horses. However, Fred is able to count on Sparky all day long. Now, that's the type of endurance and vigor we breed for!

buckskins for sale

A few of more of Blue Gold's descendents...

A daughter of Arrow's Colorado Gold (by Blue Gold) in the Dominican Republic...

Blue Gold & Jubal cross
SCW Jubals Onyx Diva by Slush Creeks Jubal S and out of Arrows Colorado Gold. Thank you Shellie of Slush Creek Walkers for the picture!

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Arrow's Star of Gold

Arrow's Star of Gold- by Blue Gold, out of Dakota Evening Star (full sister to "Fashion").
Owned by the late Elsie Darrah, TWHBEA "color guru" and owner of two Blue Gold daughters.

This mare is currently in Texas at Good As It Gaits Farm, where she has recently started a career as a mount for children with autism. It is reported that "her gentle disposition, willing nature, and love of people will bring joy to the hearts of those that ride her".

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