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In Loving Memory of Elsie Darrah

We first met Elsie Darrah when she inquired with us about our Blue Gold stock. Over the years, two Blue Gold sons and two Blue Gold daughters were purchased by Elsie.

Elsie and I visited last summer (2014)... She told me that when she started off in 1994, she bought some horses from a less than reputable breeder who told her "all wrong". She was looking for a way to get buckskins so kept looking for a way to refine her breeding program to produce them. She did research and found that out of 15,000 horses in the TWH registry, there were only 75 registered buckskins.


She found her way to our Colorado stock. She told me that she always told people that she "brought in Colorado mountain horses to add some walk". That started many years of friendship with my mom, Delene, and our family.

Once an owner of Blue Gold offspring, she worked to make sure that appropriate changes were made to Blue's pedigree. His sire had been wrongfully registered as a chestnut, when in actuality- he was a dark, sooty palomino. Elsie proved it and Elsie got it corrected!

She appreciated the good gaits of our walkers and helped us to promote them over the years by breeding her two mares, Sky and Star, to produce colts that have made their way all over the country. We are forever grateful.

The Last Chance Farm website is still up and we encourage all of you to visit at

especially valuable, is the time that Elsie put into "Elsie's Corner"

Her drive to educate and spread knowledge and truth will be forever remembered. Elsie was always kind and patient. I especially remember conversations with her about young stallions and her telling me that you need to show that you are the leader- but if you push and correct too much, they will become resentful.

I will fondly remember our visits about horses- and also how she strove for honesty and integrity in every facet of life. The way she cared for and loved her horses. The last time we visited, she told me her beloved "Sunny" was at a therapeutic riding program in NC. She gracefully cared for her animals in their later age and lovingly transitioned them all- as her lifestyle changed. She loved hearing of breed happenings- and I believe, too- loved to see the natural TWH continue to rise up and be recognized. When we last talked, I shared the news of a Blue Gold descendent "Walking on Washington", of her Pippi White Stockings being acquired by Westwood Farms, and of the Blue Gold son (Arrow's Blue Sky Traveler/Captain's Creme Color) that she once owned making his way to a Virginia breeding program.

As far as I know, she served as TWHBEA's official Color Consultant up until the end. Though I am not sure when she started, her tenure was long and her knowledge and awareness raised is limitless. She also served as a very committed TWHBEA director for Kansas.

She owned the famous TWH "Trouble", a direct son of Last Chance. Westwood Farms has a great page on this:

Elsie may you Rest In Peace. We will continue to remember you, and add to this page... Your impact on the breed will never fade.

-Collene J. Walsh, 2/16/2015

Arrows Star of Gold
a mare Elsie chose for her breeding program.