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In Loving Memory of Laurel Lee Whiting, 1951-2000

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We cannot think of Laurel without thinking of Blue Gold. She was instrumental in making sure that his bloodlines continued to influence the breed. This stallion was NOT chosen by happenstance meausures. He was carefully and blantantly selected for the traits of gait, conformation, disposition,and bloodline.

Blue Gold
Blue Gold at the Colorado State Fair

Laurel and her husband, Jim, introduced us to gaited horses. We bought our first mare from them. Laurel and Delene later partnered to purchase and promote the our foundation stallion Blue Gold. We are forever grateful to them- and also remember Laurel's vision for the blue-eyed cremello stallion, Blue Gold.

We are sure that an influencing factor (after Laurel's research into Blue's pedigree) was that he shared the common ancestors of Hill's Perfection and Trigger, Jr. with her "Parader" (pictured above with Laurel-up) and both of the mares she and her husband sold to us. Jim and Laurel personally went to Calvin Miller's Double Diamond Ranch in North Dakota to bring Parader, Star, and Fashion home to the San Luis Valley, where they later packed them into the 14,000 ft mountain ranges surrounding the valley.

backcountry horsemanship
Photo Laurel took in the backcountry surrounding the San Luis Valley.

Laurel lost her battle with breast cancer in 2000. Born in Illinois, she came to Colorado and attended the University of Colorado at Boulder. She will be forever remembered by us.


From the VOICE of the Tennessee Walking Horse, February 1995...

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