This is a checklist that we are putting together to make sure we cover the bases on prospective purchases. When we are speaking to the owners of horses we are considering adding to our herd- we ask these questions. Feel free to print this out and use- even when speaking to us! Some questions seem obvious, but we have learned the hard way that other sellers do not always disclose what we do!

____Does the horse have any injuries?

____Has the horse been injured in the past?

____If yes, will the injury affect the horse's performance?

____Does the horse have any veterinary problems?

____Is the horse SOUND?

____What type of fencing has the horse been exposed to? Electric? Barbed Wire?

____Is the horse accustomed to a corral or large pasture living environment?

____Does the horse have any offspring?

____If no, have you attempted to breed the horse before? How many times?

____Are the TWHBEA registration papers up to date and in order?

____ARE THE HORSE’S FEET and LEGS STRONG? Hoof cracks? Crooked legs?

____What is the animal’s exposure to other horses?

____Is there any behavior/incidents involving other horses I should know about?

____Is there any behavior/incidents involving people I should know about?

____Do the colors on the horse’s pedigree match up (generation over generation)?

____What is the horse’s vaccination record?
____Eastern and Western viral?
____Encephalomyelitis (sleeping sickness)?
____Equine Influenza?

____When was the horse last wormed?

____Will you be sure that the horse is up to date on worming upon purchase, if requested?

____Do you have record of a negative Coggins test?

____Will you provide one upon purchase?

____Has the horse ever had EPM?

____Do you have any reason to expect that the horse may be at risk for EPM? (Horses coming from the east coast have more risk)

____Will you provide a health certificate for the horse upon purchase?

____Will you provide a brand inspection for the horse upon purchase?

____Are you the sole owner of the horse?

____Please tell me a brief history on the horse- where born, if had other owners…

____How is the horse around children?

____How is the horse around dogs?

____How is the horse around motorcycles?

____How is the horse around cattle?

____What is the horse scared of?

____What is the horse’s bloodtype? Important if future broodmare or stallion!

What is the horse’s genetic make-up? This can help you decide between prospective horses- which is best for the breeding program?
____Agouti genes- 0, 1, 2?
____Black genes- 0, 1, 2?
____Dilution genes- 0, 1, 2?

____How tall is the horse?

____Has the horse been shown?

____Can you make arrangements to ship the horse?

____Is the horse insured?

____If no, can we insure the horse upon purchase?

This list is not all inclusive by any means and will most likely be updated in the future! Please contact us if you think of other important questions you ask!