We Guarantee...

WE WILL REPRESENT OUR HORSES HONESTLY. We will tell you about the disposition, conformation, color, and gait. If a horse is 15 hands, we will tell you the horse is 15 hands (not 15.1 or 15.2)!

WE WILL DISCLOSE ALL KNOWN INJURIES- whether they occurred 10 years or 2 months ago. We raise many horses. Every now and again, we have an injury. We will tell you- for the horses’ sake and your own!

WE WILL DISCLOSE ALL BEHAVIORAL TENDENCIES. We want you to know your horse- the best you can- before you decide to add him or her to your life. We know that not all buyers can come and visit our herd. Some may decide to purchase a horse based on photos, videos, and our representation- which makes telling you all we can even more important!

WE WILL DISCLOSE ALL HEALTH CONCERNS. For the most part, our horses are healthy and hearty. If there is any concern otherwise, rest assured- we will let you know! We care about our horses while they are in our care and after they leave our herd. Be sure that you will know when your horse is due for vaccinations and worming. Expect your horse to arrive healthy!

WE GUARANTEE FERTILITY ON ANIMALS PURCHASED AS BREEDING STOCK. This means that if you purchase a yearling stallion prospect, we will guarantee his fertility. Of course, there are some limitations to this- if infertility occurs (we have not had this happen yet), the cause must be biological. In cases of biological infertility (in broodmares or stallions purchased for breeding), we will give you a trade in credit at our ranch. Basically, you can bring the horse back and will have credit for the amount you paid.

PEDIGREES ARE TRUE AND CORRECT TO THE BEST OF OUR KNOWLEDGE. We carefully select our animals. Our first broodmare was purchased in 1986 and our foundation stallion in 1991. A large portion of our herd traces to our first stock. With them, we started a careful examination of the history of our animals. We continue to research our horses- to make sure that colors and bloodlines match up. Of course, our horses have been bloodtyped by TWHBEA standards for many years now- which is intended by the association to eliminate pedigree errors.

TWHBEA/Registration PAPERWORK IS UP TO DATE AND IN ORDER (when applicable).



We like our privacy, so we will respect yours: by not giving out or sharing your information without permission.

Anything else you would like guaranteed? Please ask and we will do our best to accomodate you.